Change of mind or purchase error

You can return for refund your cup within 30 days after you receive the purchase only if you do not open the envelope that contains the cup. Menstrual cups are considered a personal hygiene medical device. For this reason, none of the products sold by SANA GITA Ltd. can be returned for refund or exchange if the protective envelope was opened.

Product Defect

If your product is faulty or damaged upon delivery, please contact us within 30 days so that we can assess the item and work towards finding a resolution. Depending on the nature of the defect, we may ask you to email us a photo of the damaged cup, as well as a copy of your original invoice before refunding your money.

Not satisfied with your purchase?

Learning to use a menstrual cup does require some practice and patience. To ensure you are using your cup correctly and to avoid common pitfalls, please be sure to visit our ‘hints for first time use’ page. If after three period cycles you are still not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us with your specific issues so that we can assist you in resolving them.