Where our cups come from

The menstrual cups in our online shop are made using quality medical grade silicone certified by FDA, the Food and Drug Administration of the United States. The material comes from Dongguan New Orient Technology Co., China – the biggest producer of medical silicone in the field.

Medical grade silicone is a form of silicone which is solid yet flexible and durable and isn’t harmful to human tissue. This makes it perfect material for medical applications, infant care goods and many other sensitive products. It is resistant to bacteria and also easy to sterilize - great news for us, consumers - and it does not react with other materials, neither does it irritate the body. This is why it can be used externally, internally or intravenously without worrying that it will trigger allergic reactions or any other unwelcome outcomes. It is a curious fact and a big advantage that silicones can most closely approximate the consistency of our skin and thus offer great comfort in products such as the menstrual cup. 

In short, medical grade silicone is the best option for your cup because: 

-     it is odorless, flexible and durable;

-     it is hypoallergenic;

-     it does not contain any phthalates, bisphenol A, heavy metals or pesticides;

-     it is plastic-free, latex-free and toxin-free.