About us

We are SANA GITA Ltd.
VAT: BG204738166
Address: Bulgaria,
Sofia, 2 Klek str.
CEO: Simeon Petrov
Phone: +359 888 298 773
E-mail: support@thedailylady.eu

Our goal is to bring you a variety of quality menstrual cups to select from.

Our mission is to inform and empower girls and women to make the best choice for their feminine health and hygiene. You do not need to make compromises with the lifestyle you want - you just need the right menstrual cup to forget the useless monthly stress and being a woman will feel like bliss. Browse our models, make the most of our discount offers and prepare to see your life changed by the choice you make today. 

We know you love your body and we care about your physical comfort. This is why we created this online store and we are dedicating our efforts to give you freedom to experiment and find the most suitable products for your period. 

Because a lady deserves to feel good, always.